How to use the UTM_content field in Odyssey Partnerships

As Odyssey uses the UTM parameters for tracking purposes, the UTM content field can also be used in advertiser and/or publisher specific cases. Below you can find an example of how to use the utm_content field as a cashback publisher.

Cashback publisher example

As a cashback publisher it’s of crucial importance to fire an unique clickId/subID to every out-click in order to track which customer has the right to which cashback. At Odyssey we use the content field to track this.

As a cashback publisher you can use the utm_content field to fire your unique identifier.

Then, when you want to access that data, you have two options:

  • The interface of Odyssey Partnerships

  • Use the API of Odyssey Partnerships (link)

If you want any additional information on the usage of the utm_content field in Odyssey, feel free to contact support.

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