In many cases, advertisers use multiple affiliate platforms to generate more sales. Many of these affiliate platforms use their own tracking methods which can lead to a sale being claimed by different affiliates. For example:

An advertiser is running their programme on multiple affiliate platforms. A visitor visits publishers who work for different affiliate networks and ends up with two publisher network cookies on their computer. As a result, both parties claim to have generated the last click to the sale. In such cases, deduplication is necessary to prevent an advertiser from paying twice for the same sale. This situation is undesirable for both advertisers and publishers; advertisers pay too much and publishers notice that their sale has been rejected without understanding whether this is justified or not.

At Odyssey Partnerships we work with the tracking from Google Analytics that can track almost every traffic source within a customer journey. This allows us to see the role of each traffic source within a customer journey and determine its value and give every traffic source the commission it deserves.

This makes deduplication a thing of the past

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