Marketing attribution is the process of measuring all traffic sources that participate in a customer journey and then determining which touchpoints drive conversions.

Ideally, a customer directly buys a product the first time they visit the vendor’s website. The reality however is often quite different; in most cases there are several touchpoints (or traffic sources) involved before a conversion is actually made. For example, a customer reads an article about a fashion brand on a blog, is retargeted via a display banner, pays a direct visit to the fashion brands website, and finally converts after clicking on an ad on Google.

Determining the value of each traffic source is something that we think should be taken into consideration. Each traffic source plays its own role in a sales process, and therefore deserves credit for it. How much exactly is credited to you and/or other traffic sources, is regulated by an attribution model. Attribution models are frameworks for determining which traffic sources across the customer journey receive a certain amount of credit for a conversion. Different attribution models distribute the value of a conversion between touchpoints in various ways.

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