In some cases, organic social and paid social aren’t separated as two different traffic sources in Odyssey. In that case, all your social media channels will be grouped under social and you won’t have access to data on a granular level. This is the result of incomplete tracking set up in Google Analytics.

In this guide, we’ll explain to you how to fix this. There are two main steps to follow.

  1. Adjust Channel Grouping in Google Analytics

  2. Add custom utm-tags to your ads

Part 1: Adjust Channel Grouping in Google Analytics

1.1. Go to Google Analytics

1.2. Click Admin

1.3. Select the view you’ve connected to Odyssey

1.4. Select Channel Settings and then Channel Grouping

1.5. Select Default Channel Grouping

1.6. Select Define a new Channel

  • Channel name: Paid Social

1.7. Define rules for new channel:

  • Select ‘medium’ in the first dropdown menu

  • Select ‘matches regex’ in the second dropdown menu

  • Type ‘paid social’ in the text input.

1.8. Click Done

1.9. Scroll down and click save

Part 2: Add custom utm-tags to your ads

In order to get the distinction between social and paid social, utm-tags must be installed correctly for every ad you run. In this guide, we’ll explain how you can do this, and what are best practices.

Important Note:

It’s very important that you separate your Facebook ads from your Instagram ads. Meaning you should create individual ads for Facebook and Instagram and give both ads unique utm-tags.

2.1. Create an ad in Facebook

2.2. Under ad select links

2.3. Click build a URL parameter

2.4. Fill out your Website URL

2.5. Under Campaign Source fill out the source of the ad ( or

2.6. Under Campaign Medium type: paid+social

2.7. Under Campaign Name type: {{}}. By filling this out, Odyssey can gather the cost data using the API of Facebook. Therefore, it’s essential that you only use {{}} in this section.

2.8. Under Campaign content you can provide a name for the content you use in this ad.

2.9. Click Apply

The URL you’re going for should look like:


If everything is set up correctly, in Odyssey you can see the analysis of each traffic source separately by clicking on it.

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