At Odyssey we’ve established a unique integration with Google Analytics, enabling us to extract the raw clickstream data from the regular Google Analytics (something wich is normally only available in Google Analytics 360). 

The main advantage of this integration with Google Analytics is that you don’t need to add any additional tracking codes to your website. There is no development work from your side requireted. 

Installation process

  1. After we’ve signed all the paperwork we’ll start with the installation process. We’ll first ask you to provide us with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager edit access. 

  2. We’ll then make the following changes:

  3. We’ll add two custom dimensions to your primary property in Google Analytics.

  4. We’ll add our custom javascript to your tags, to make sure our javascript code is triggered on each pageview and each transaction

  5. When we’ve made these changes to your Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, we will ask you to review these changes and publish them when you approve.

  6. Tracking is live. As soon as you’ve accepted and published our changes in Google Tag Manager, tracking is live.  

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