There isn’t necessarily one “optimal” attribution model, you choose one based on your business and market. Before you start to use Odyssey, it is important to determine which attribution model best matches your business goals and the traffic sources you often work with. When applying attribution to analyse your marketing performance, think about how you drive business, what does your optimal customer journey look like? Are you, for example, very eager to obtain initiating clicks? (i.e. the first click in a journey), then it is sensible to credit the touchpoints in beginning of the customer journey more than those towards the end. If, on the contrary, your business thrives on last pushes towards a sale, you may want to choose the attribution model that gives traffic sources towards of the last click most credits.

Which attribution model you choose, is up to you. Odyssey automatically incorporates your attribution model into its algorithm to calculate metrics such as incrementality index and suggested commission. If desired, Odyssey’s customer success managers will help you define the attribution model that works best for your business goals.

Because every business is unique, it is sensible to experiment with different attribution models. In Odyssey this be easily done by creating a view for every attribution model you want to compare, this lets you examine your data from different angles. 

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