These are the five main USP’s that set Odyssey apart:

  1. Independency. As an independent tool, Odyssey has no incentive to mask data or safeguard any parties. Unbiased data is presented to you as it is and all calculations are based on a reliable data set.

  2. Advertising cost data integration. A complete integration of advertising cost data is very useful in attribution and vital to make strategic business decisions. Odyssey imports advertising cost data from tools such as Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Awin and Impact Radius in order for users to see valuable and actionable insights like the difference between current media spend and a suggested media spend. 

  3. Transparent and assumption-free. Assumption, over-complication, and lack of transparency is common practice in attribution. It is important to know that no attribution tool is perfect, there are always things that can’t be tracked. We do not believe in of trying to fill this void with assumptions, applying questionable metrics and  trying to catch all of this in a complicated black-box algorithm. Instead, Odyssey focuses on factual data and makes calculations that can be understood and traced back at any time.

  4. Affordability. We like to show what we do: uncomplicated and transparent. We apply a fair pricing model that reflect this and fits the budgetary needs of businesses of any size.

  5. Superior service. We strive to provide outstanding service along every step of the way. Our dedication doesn’t end at the signing of the contract. On the contrary, our excellent customer success managers will provide support, assistance and are always open to feature requests.

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